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On Wednesday 1st September 2021 I will be hosting a mahooosive sample sale to celebrate my 5th business birthday. I thought now would be a good time to give a little background on what my sample sales involve and why I have them.

First thing's first - I never throw away product. I've made some big changes over the past few years (you can read about it in my Sustainability Review) and I try to create as little waste as possible in everything that I do. If a t-shirt is un-sellable it will either be adopted by me as a pyjama top, or I use them to dry my hair, as rags for dusting, or I upcycle them into reusable make up pads.

Sometimes t-shirts arrive from the manufacturer in an imperfect condition (usually teeny tiny little stray pieces of coloured cotton that get caught when they're manufacturing the fabric for the t-shirts). These t-shirts with tiny imperfections aren't used for making orders and they're not bad enough to be relegated to rags so instead I save them all up and use them to make samples for photoshoots.

2021 has been a slower year than usual for Delicious Monster Tea which has been scary financially but has given me lots of brain space to work on things in the background. I spent most of spring making samples (using the imperfect tees) of all the things I sell so that I could take beautiful new photos of them. The result of all that work is that now I have over 60 samples that need happy homes! Cue SAMPLE SALE!

Most of the samples in tomorrow's sample sale are imperfect, but some are not. I've created a grading system to help:

Grade 1 = perfect condition
(20% off usual price)

Grade 2 = small imperfection
(40% off usual price)

Grade 3 = more than one small imperfection
(50% off usual price)

Grade 4 = significant imperfection
(60% off usual price)

All items in my sample sale will be clearly marked with their size and grade to help you browse and shop easily. I would recommend checking my size guide to find your preferred size beforehand so you can be ready and raring to go at 8pm on Wednesday 1st September.

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