Hello! I'm Claire šŸ‘‹


[Happy peach, teaching my first ever embroidery workshop.]Ā 

I am the self taught hand embroidery artist behind Delicious Monster Tea. Embroidery is one of my absolute favourite things to do and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to say thatĀ it is my full-time job.

IĀ never set out to run a creative business - in fact, up until very recently I would always have described myself as 'left-brained', with a degree in Economics and many years working as a maths tutor. But in 2016, I started to teach myself embroidery one evening and very accidentally started a business. Two years later, that accidental business had grown enough that I was able to take the leap and quit my day job. And I'm still here! A full-time embroiderer with a right-brain that is growing day by day.

This little business of mine has grown considerably since 2016, and I have hand embroidered over 4000 t-shirts since then, including those worn by Fearne Cotton, Rachel Stevens and Annie Mac! I've also worked on some dream commissions, includingĀ these table runners, a hand-embroidered wedding dress and these matching bridal jackets. More recently, I've developed a range of DIY embroidery kits and tutorials for people to try at home - they've taken off in a BIG way and I'm so excited to be able to combine my previous teaching experience with my new passion for embroidery.

Along the way I have tried to be as open and honest as possible about running a small business - the highs and lows, and my attempts to live a healthy work-life balance. You can read more about the business side of things in this interview, or listen to some honest solopreneur chat on this podcast.

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Much love,

Claire x

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