Commission for KM

Commission for KM

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Item: H&M linen cushion cover, 50 x 50cm, colour 'mole' (to be ordered in)

Personalisation: handwritten message “I believe in your ability to get through the day without a nap". Positioned bottom right of cushion cover, to fill area approx 14 x 10cm.

Thread colour: dark green

Lead time: 2-3 weeks (to allow time for delivery of cushion cover)


I stock two styles of adult t-shirt:

fitted and oversized.

Below you can see the differences between the two styles and detailed sizing information for each.

These t-shirts are suitable for all genders.

If you are unsure about which size or style to purchase, I would recommend measuring the chest width on a t-shirt that you already own (and like the fit of) and comparing this measurement to the size charts below.

If you can't find a t-shirt to fit your body, please let me know and I will work to find something that fits the way that you like it.

Fitted T-Shirts

(a classic women's fit)

Oversized T-Shirts

(a classic men's / unisex fit)

* Please note, these offer loose equivalences between the oversized items and how they translate into women's UK sizes. These equivalences will allow for a few extra centimetres so that they maintain the oversized style.

Kids' T-Shirts

Baby Grows

Baby Cardigans

Newborn (chest 16", length 8.5")
0 - 3 months (chest 17", length 9")
3 - 6 months (chest 18", length 10")