unisex personalised t-shirt, hand embroidered with custom name in yellow thread, as second wedding anniversary gift for wife
unisex personalised t-shirt, hand embroidered with custom slogan 'milk in first' in white thread, as funny christmas gift or birthday gift for tea lover
unisex personalised t-shirt, hand embroidered with custom slogan 'I'm only here for the food' in rainbow thread, as funny christmas gift or birthday gift for foodie
eco organic cotton dark navy sustainably and ethically sourced tshirt
hand embroidery thread colour options for personalised t-shirt
fitted t-shirt versus oversized style t-shirt differences

Personalised Navy T-Shirt - Hand Embroidered

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Hand embroidered t-shirt, personalised with the slogan of your choice - it could be an inside joke as a birthday gift for your best friend, a list of your children’s names as a mother’s day gift or your favourite song lyric as a treat for yourself!

These t-shirts are made from the very softest organic cotton. Fair and ethical working conditions, climate-neutral production, and a low water footprint.

Machine washable and safe to iron.

All orders are gift wrapped in luxe paper packaging making it any easy gift option to send directly to the recipient.

About this item:
- Navy t-shirt with custom slogan
Sustainably sourced 100% organic cotton
- Hand embroidered and personalised
- Paper packaging, easily recyclable
Sizes to fit a variety of body shapes

Further info:
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I stock two styles of adult t-shirt:

fitted and oversized.

Below you can see the differences between the two styles and detailed sizing information for each.

These t-shirts are suitable for all genders.

If you are unsure about which size or style to purchase, I would recommend measuring the chest width on a t-shirt that you already own (and like the fit of) and comparing this measurement to the size charts below.

If you can't find a t-shirt to fit your body, please let me know and I will work to find something that fits the way that you like it.

Fitted T-Shirts

(a classic women's fit)

Oversized T-Shirts

(a classic men's / unisex fit)

* Please note, these offer loose equivalences between the oversized items and how they translate into women's UK sizes. These equivalences will allow for a few extra centimetres so that they maintain the oversized style.

Kids' T-Shirts

Baby Grows

Baby Cardigans

Newborn (chest 16", length 8.5")
0 - 3 months (chest 17", length 9")
3 - 6 months (chest 18", length 10")